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1. gang crime
okay so a couple has recently been moving in together after being together for a couple of months. they are deeply in love, but a has a secret. he is the leader in one of the towns largest gangs, and with them moving in together, b has started to notice that something is not right. he comes home late all the time, often bruised or drunk. one night b has made dinner for a, set the table and dressed up nicely since a promised to be home by 9. a gets caught up in a drugdealing and gets shot in the arm. he returns home hours after 9, while b is furious that a once again stood her up and there we start.

2. gang crime
character a is the leader of one of the towns largest gangs, while character b is the sibling of one of his members. character b knows about their illegal activity, and isn't really to pleased to se their sibling wasting their lives on a gang. unfortunately, b's sibling manages to anger a rival gang, which threatens both b and their sibling. while the sibling of character b instantly flees the country, character a decides to take in character b to protect them.

3. fantasy college
a college for different creatures and spellcasters has just opened up in an old castle that had been abandoned until recently. the college has different dorms for the different creatures, and they generally do not get along. as our characters are studying late one night in the library, by themselves, they are witnesses to a horrible creature roaming around in the library. they are lucky to get away, but as they report it to the staff, they are not believed. it seems as the two of them has to figure this out themselves.

4. prison
character a had been here for quite some time now. drugs, violence, illegal firearms has been their life up until they got locked behind bars. and now they want to get out. they have a lot of power and money on the outside, so a getaway plan wasn't hard to fix. but just a week before the escaping happens, they meet character b. b has just arrived to prison, for some minor drug charges. as character a gets assigned to show them around, they quickly find the tone, and a falls for b almost instantly. and now they want to take b with them to the outside.

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zoey rosewhile

oliver jackson shepperd
oliver has always been a bit of a troublemaker, as he loves the adrenalin and excitement. he can be quite spontaneous, which often leads him into situations he might have a hard time getting out off. luckily, oliver is really intelligent and charismatic, and most situations can be solved by just that. this also made it easy for oliver to make friends over the years, but his spontaneous and reckless side has often led to a lot of short-term friendships.
his family is wealthy, but oliver does not really see them that much anymore, since he moved across the country for university. he is currently studying medicine and doing pretty well with this.

alejandro fuentes