7. May 2023 19:01

South Korea entertainment industry is taking over globally with their wide range of music, k-drama’s, films, skincare and their fashion. The topic of today is: Kpop.

For those unfamiliar with k-pop, the first thing that comes to mind is usually BTS, and many assume that it is the only type of music produced by the Korean industry. Colorful and youthfull like butter or dynamite. However, k-pop encompasses a variety of genres such as K-rock, K-R&B, K-ballads, and many more.

Anyways this pitch is not about the music itself but one thing all these genres have in common. FASHION. I want to give the staff, jd-ers and most importantly the gSm community my two cents about a new gSm collection. Inspired about the fashion that the K-pop idols have been wearing.

What you may not know is that when a K-pop idol or group promotes their single or album, they always have a certain concept, which reflects in the clothes, makeup and hair.

Over the years centain looks and outfits have gained a lot of attention within the K-pop community and even among under the Korean citizens. (Not all Korean citizens love kpop)

1. Seulgi pants.
Seulgi is a member of the kpop group Red Velvet. She went viral with her look when she was promoting for her single bad boy. The attention went to her red pants, which now is called “seulgi pants”

2. Blackpink Coachella outfits
I think that every person who uses social media has heard of black pink? The girls made Coachella history by being the first kpop girlgroup to perform at the biggest music festival.

3. Blackpink Kill this love outfit
The outfit just speaks for itself. They wore this outfit during their music video and also performance.

4. Joy’s Rainbow Dress
Joy is also an member from the group Red velvet and just like her bandmember she also has an iconic clothing piece that is being names after her.

5. Twice
Corset corset and corsets!! I have seen the topics that you guys wanted to have more corset designs. Well this iconic look from twice would be perfect

6. IVE
For me personally I think they are the best dressed female kpop idol group at the moment. The group is toping the charts in their home country with their hits and are one of the most popular and most talked about kpop groups at the moment.

7. Chungha
I have assembled couple looks from different music videos/performances. No words needed for them.

I have handpicked some outfits that worn by female K-pop idols that stood out to me, but I must also highlist that male K-pop idols have equally iconic looks. I would love to dedicate another day to share some looks that make idols have been rocking.

2. January 2023 16:36

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