10. February 2023 00:02

Birkin winners link


9. February 2023 21:39

Birkin bag competition

I am almost done with the list! If I am able to finish it today, I will do the raffle today! Keep your eyes open

8. February 2023 13:38

Hello birkin bag contestants!

I really have to apologize for the wait. But I can tell you right now- I will do the raffle on Friday 10.th february!

With alot of sickness going on and me starting work (sooner than expected after maternity leave) I’ve had absolutely no time for gSm.

I thank you for your patience and I’m excited to see who will be the winner!

5. February 2023 21:45

I’m currently halfways putting in ever my name, and so far there are 19250 tickets. This is completely crazy!
Unfortunately gonna have to continue this tomorrow.

5. February 2023 20:09


I totally underestimated the amount of time it would take to write down the raffle, I only have the tickets in my notes whereas I should’ve written them in at once

I’m really sorry about the delay, but also with me and my baby being sick its been impossible to get anything done. But I’m still working on the list!