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27. December 2022 23:25

Know when the flying pigs come

original forum: https://gosupermodel.com/community/forum_thread.jsp?id=72049&page=21&offset=400#page1
Putting this here so I can find it easly
I did NOT discover this!!!!

Just hit ctrl+u if you're on Chrome
Then ctrl+f to 'flyingpig'

It will take you to a code like this:
window.flyingPig.prepareForLaunch('GREEN_FAMEPIG', 70, 651481, 'flyingPigAirSpace', true,true,false);

In which you can see which color it is and what it will bring (in thi example green color and 70 gm and fame)
and the number behind it is in which time it will arrive; 651481 miliseconds, transfered to minutes it's about 10 minutes (https://www.inchcalculator.com/convert/millisecond-to-minute/)

- if the last true/false value is true, the pig is visible! False and it's invisible!
- there seems to be a limit of how many pigs you can get within a SEEMINGLY random time period
- And you can manipulate it by logging off and in

12. December 2022 20:06

Omg sooo excited to be back here! So many memories and nostalgia