6. January 2023 23:43

need to win 2816 rounds of wc before sunday night :')

4. January 2023 20:49

We're gonna be playing WC all week bc. new stuff in the shop<3

28. December 2022 21:12

Going into the third week of the re-opening

WG i baaaack. Wow I've spent way to many hours already! More and more items are in the shop, yay - so you're wardrobe is groing.

You have been reminded of how bad your written English is.

And then you are still terrible at communicating with others.


20. December 2022 22:09

day 8

Soooo. your hands hurt from all that sketzmo
and you're just as terible answering people here as in irl. well done girlie - get better though please

17. December 2022 20:46

hi, it's me

5 days into the re-opening of gsm

u bought your first 'rare items', which fulfills a childhood wish - u feel happy <3

now you're just trying to make a name - and some fame