23. March 2023 15:32



10. February 2023 00:25

Poem from Hellcat (created by AI)

Waterfall, oh Waterfall,
Nature's symphony you play,
With a roar so loud and grand,
You paint the world in a beautiful grey.

From the mountain high above,
You cascade down with such grace,
Bringing life to the valleys below,
In a never-ending embrace.

Your power is both calming,
And a sight to behold,
Your mist rises high and dances,
In the sunbeams that unfold.

Waterfall, oh Waterfall,
A wonder of nature you are,
A symbol of life's endless journey,
And a shining star.

27. January 2023 22:24

I got officially judged by Saltybisquit:

"Like a waterfall you are calming and fierce, you're down to earth and people find comfort in you. You are a safe-space, a sanctuary, just remember to take care of yourself so you dont carry everyones baggage"

26. January 2023 22:17

Please share your pics here - I'd love to buy them!

Memo to myself: read these for positivity

15. December 2022 17:19