15. January 2023 19:24

Dear goBlog,

reached level 16 and the black badge today! I only had 3 more fame to leveling up, when a diamond pig flew to my screen and gave me 80 fame. This is an important milestone on gSm leveling journey, I'm so happy!

14. January 2023 21:58

Dear goBlog,

I made the new high score on WC!
My new personal best is level 13 (only left with 2 items). For those who wonder, its 376 gM and 2256 fame. Yay!

8. January 2023 20:35

Dear goBlog,

today I made new high score on Wardrobe Challenge. My personal best is now level 12!

29. December 2022 21:01


I have seen many topics on forum where people are asking tips on how clear levels on Wardrobe Challenge. As I'm writing this, my high score on WC is level 11. It's not that high, but knowing that some might struggle to get pass level 1, I thought that I could share tips, that have helped me. Here's my 6 + 1 tips for Wardrobe Challenge:

1) There's no need to rush. This is the most important rule! If you feel unsure, just slow down and try to think, how the blocks will fall. For example, "If I eliminate blocks under this bag, will it fall down and get stuck between two shirts?"

2) Proceed from up to down. It's easier to eliminate blocks from up first. If you start from the bottom, the blocks that are higher are more likely to fall in different orders and thus became more difficult to eliminate.

3) Proceed from left to right. The game "pulls" the pieces to the right side, so it's easier to start from left.

4) Eliminate one colour at time. When the level starts, take a good look on blocks before you start. What colour looks easiest to eliminate first? Try to make every block of this colour a "friend", before you start eliminating them. For example, if there is one lonely block a few rows higher than the a pair of pieces below, try to get it to it's friends. Make ONLY the obligatory clicks to do so.

5) When you have eliminated the first colour, choose the next one. Again, TAKE A GOOD LOOK on blocks before you start. Eliminate this next colour according to the previous tips.

6) Now you should have two colours left. Again, take a look on blocks and choose the third colour to eliminate. Then eliminate them as the previous ones.

+1) BONUS HINT: You might want to make as big chunks as possible before eliminating them. I suggest to click away the blocks of colour in turn immediately, when they aren't alone anymore. It's more important to make little steps at time and clear the level than trying to make huge chunks before eliminating them. Clearing levels will grant you more fame and goMoney.

I hope that these tips will help you! Remember, that practice makes you better!