3. July 2023 11:08

Level 23!

Two levels more to go until I reach the highest level!

2. May 2023 21:19

Level 22 - finally!

I don't spend as much time here as before. I guess that sunlight, singing birds and blooming nature lure me away from the screen!

27. March 2023 17:08

Level 21! ⭐ I didn't reach the black badge with golden numbers on old gSm. The little me would be so proud! ❤️

25. February 2023 12:22

Level 20!!

The next badge will be the one with golden numbers, can't wait!

15. January 2023 19:24

Dear goBlog,

reached level 16 and the black badge today! I only had 3 more fame to leveling up, when a diamond pig flew to my screen and gave me 80 fame. This is an important milestone on gSm leveling journey, I'm so happy!