18. January 2023 16:28

Once upon a time, in a far-off galaxy, there was a little alien boy named Mimi. Mimi was different from all the other aliens because he loved to explore new places and learn about other creatures that lived in the universe.

One day, while flying through space, Mimi landed on a planet called Earth. There, he met a human girl named Sara. She was different from Mimi, but they became the best of friends. They loved to play together and learn about each other's worlds.

Mimi loved Sara so much that he decided to take her back to his planet to meet his family and friends. But when they got there, the other aliens were afraid of Sara because she looked different. They didn't want her to stay.

Mimi and Sara didn't want to be apart, so they decided to go on an adventure together. They flew through space and met many different creatures. They made new friends and they helped them all live in peace.

Mimi and Sara's adventure took them all the way across the galaxy. They showed everyone that even though they looked different, they were all the same inside. And that's when Mimi and Sara became the owners of the universe. They showed everyone how to love and respect each other, and they lived happily ever after.

The end.

3. January 2023 21:56

Dear diary, had a great day again today <3 xoxo

26. December 2022 23:44

hello diary, today was a good day, I was playing wardrobe challenge all day, see you tomorrow