15. May 2023 01:49

harry is the luckiest guy on earth and i'll stand by that forever

15. May 2023 00:02

you're giving me the silent treatment, don't know what it's achieving
when we're finished saying nothing can we please get back to loving

13. May 2023 05:08

just decided i'm gonna buy tickets to see Louis in september i mean it's like 66€ and he's my favourite artist, i don't have anyone to go with but i've seen Harry by myself too and i enjoyed that

i just need to wait bc there's possible trouble w my paycheck, if it doesn't get sorted then obvi i won't have the money to spend

12. May 2023 02:47

the buns are literally laying identically staring at me bc i'm still up doing puzzles instead of feeding them LMAO

(they do have hay available always obvi, but they want their goodnight pellets)

20. April 2023 11:37

one of the worst parts about depression is the catastrophic thinking