12. March 2023 09:37

I just woke up from a dream that gosu was being clearly marketed for kids or something. They introduced pets that were very cartoonish, kinda like moshi monsters tho some were more detailed like an owl bear which was kinda cute. They also changed the pigs into little monsters that if you didnt catch, would "eat" your wardrobe items jut not wholly at once but it was basically the clothes wearing out system again but it was random. They also introduced many more new clothing which were in the old pixel style and they were all so colorful tho most of them were actually cute but looked like they came from children tv shows. The site was sooo laggy because of all the new stuff. Oh and the pets were hella expensive, some of them like 10000 gm or 1000 dias. They also introduced gif clothing, like moving clothing? that was kinda cool tho.

16. February 2023 11:24

Art commissions