20. January 2023 20:09

my exam brain just made me stare at a thing from auctions for 5 minutes wondering why the heck i couldnt bid on is AS THE ONLY THING in auctions until i realized i already was the highest bidder and i bid on it before i left for my exam earlier oops

19. January 2023 15:02

it's so cold outside but it smells like stressed med student the day before an exam who's also on her period in my dorm room so i have to let in some new air

19. January 2023 14:08

scary stuff

19. January 2023 10:48

i turn into 12 year old kat whenever i don't win comps on here even though the rational part of my brain knows there's like 0.0001% chance of me winning i just get sad :,)
my bf entered the other comp just to win the outit for me when he saw me getting sad though i love him

18. January 2023 15:10

i am like 99% sure i will pass my exam on friday but i'm already starting to get nervous and i feel like if i TRY to study i will stress-study and that's a complete waste of time so like.... what to do
i go for a walk instead