16. December 2022 15:31

Looool, I haven't made one of these in years, but it is kind of instinctive when I'm on this page. I'm saving it here to maybe use later.

The Greek gods have been punished by the Titans. They have been forced down from Olympos, and are now bound to a physical, human body they can't change out of. They still have their powers, but now they have to find their way in a modern world, and become part of the society in order to survive - they have to enlist to schools, get jobs and figure out how on Earth (pun intended) they are going to get their godly forms and Olympos back.

The plot begins when the Gods wake up in a school yard in the late evening in a city. We'll need both humans and gods.

- Naturally, there can only be 1 of each God.
- For old times sake, I'm making this rule: don't be a Mary Jane
- It's probably been a long time since most of us roleplayed, so be patient with one another<3
- You can both use an image and describe the look of your character
- Would be awesome if you did a quick google search on the god you want to be to see what their story with the other gods are<3
- Don't make really weird age gaps, f.ex. Zeus being 60 and Hera being 18((((''':

Gods that are already taken:
- Persephone

Character form:
Age (For the gods: Age of the human they become):


Character form
God/human: God
Name: Persephone
Age (For the gods: Age of the human they become): 24
Appearance: Quite small, long brown hair, green eyes.