28. February 2023 03:05

I joined my first murdertrain few weeks ago and it has totally sucked me in. It's fun way to spend time here, it takes couple hours - that is both a good and a bad thing. If you have thought of playing but haven't tried it yet, try it! It surprised me - I liked it more than I thought I would. People are very helpful and friendly there, there are no such a thing as stupid question and to my experience everyone wants to make sure it's enjoyable game.

I have gotten friends from there and it's nice that people host their games differently, it keeps it interesting - also changing roles and player's play-styles adds to it so every game is different. Today I won my first game as jester hah it was very fun but I felt so bad for lying. For you who don't play, as jester I have to get myself voted out. It was a good game, and villagers won in the end catching the killers. Although this time killer killed the other killer.

I have also published lookbook! It's little scary, I gathered the look just for me at first but at some point though that maybe I could share them with others. Why not, and I know I like to see what kind of outfits people put together. Sadly I can't choose looks that have over 15 items, although I decided that for the next magazine I'll download at least couple looks.

Hope y'all are having a good day or whatever it is now

25. December 2022 07:39

I started roleplaying resently first time in years, I'm little rusty with it still. I think it's going to be ok with time and getting used to it. This is first time when I'm using English for roleplaying and that is causing me stress. Or it caused me before and in the first days gSm opened again, since I don't use it very much. I hear and see it every day but I don't use it, until now. And obviously roleplaying brings it's own things to it.

In my mind it seems less stressful if other people don't have English as their first language also, I think here most of people don't. It's ok if you have it and it doesn't affect me on one person level but if every one else would be fluent and I'm the only one that's not, then the stress levels go up. Other thing that actually makes it easier is that here it's writing and not talking, I'm more comfortable with it. I think I'm insecure about my voice and how I say things. I'm less insecure (here in gSm) about my grammar and things like that, I feel like here is good vibes concerning English and how well everyone speaks it.

Do you feel stressed about English, if it's not your first language? Or even if it is, how you feel? For me, if there is someone I know close, I prefer not to speak other languages than Finnish. Some people have commented my English speaking, and that makes it harder even if I'm not with people who have commented anything.
Have a good day and Christmas

18. December 2022 22:05

So far I've played a lot of Sketzmo, like probably over hundred times I'm excited about the wardrobe game coming back sometime in the future!
Also, I'm starting to get my roleplaying mood and skills back, they are "little" rusty after quite few years of not playing. I have written some novels or texts but nothing that includes other people in these years between. Oh, I did roleplay some time after it with my friends but it didn't last very long.

One memory that I love is that I used to film some short movies with one of gSm friend, we lived far away so we did it in roleplaying style. But with videos that we uploaded to youtube (private lol). I'm sad that I don't have them anymore since my laptop broke where they where and I have deleted them from youtube sadly.
What is one moment you remember? It doesn't have to be in gSm physically but something relating to that or to memories made with people who you knew from here