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Taking a period to grief from a loss, so I might be slow at responding <3 give me time <3 muwha

2. October 2023 19:36

For people seeing this - just ignore it

louise58 - You owe me: 30 k gm

16. June 2023 23:44

Today's pride themed poem I wrote, and won in a quick 10 minutes competition on gosupermodel

"Unity, strength, diversity and colors,
Is where we live in the colors of the rainbow all each others.
Bi, straight, lesbian or gay
You are welcome here either way.

Love has many aspects and colors,
So love and live with all each other's.
Pride, flag and song,
were we all go a long,
on the rainbow side by side,
And there's no need to hide.
Just be who you want to be,
cause everyone's loved and respected here you see?

Maybe you can be who you want to be someday,
Maybe not now but soon "i say".
You shine like a diamond with all it's hidden colors.
Everyone is welcome here with their lovers."