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Can summer just come already? | PantherDina and TheUnknown <3

27. January 2023 23:41


Just a little update for you:

I got 2 flying pigs today! One was a green ghost and the other was a blue one! I haven't seen a flying pig in over 1 week maybe longer (basically I cant remember the last time I got one)

11. January 2023 12:25

Hey yo!

I woke up Monday night/morning with a lot of pain and struggle to fall a sleep again. But I went to work like nothing happened but I kept having issues while doing normal things like sitting, standing and walking.

By the end of Monday it didn't feel that bad anymore but little did I know the next morning I would wake up in even more pain then the day before. It was so bad that I couldn't even get dressed without crying and shaking in pain. I ended up calling the emergency room to hear what they had to say, they told me to just take painkillers and call my doctor. So I did! I got an appointment, and my doctor gave me a pretty high dose of 2 different pain meds, some tips for getting my muscles to relax and sick leave from work.

It's now Wednesday and I feel much better than I did yesterday, I'm still in pain but not nearly as much as I was so I'm hoping for a quick recovery. So I can be back to myself and being pain free.

Bye for now