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NAME: Lillian "Lily" Sónata Harvey


Lillian was born to a happy couple on January fifteenth. She is the only child of the family and was very expected. Her mother had really hard time getting pregnant, so Lillian was truly a gift for her parents. Lillian's childhood was as typical as a childhood can be; it was happy, she got a lot of attention from her parents and she had many friends. Her family didn't have to struggle from absence of money, because her mother was a lawyer and her father was a teacher in her elementary school. Everything was truly fine in her life until she turned twelve. One day after her twelfth birthday her mother passed out and was sent to a hospital. Doctors found out her mother had very aggressive blood cancer. Eventually doctors realized they couldn't do anything about Lily's mother's situation and she died just few days after the diagnosis.

That day changed Lillian's perspective on life. She realized not everyone had happy and easy life and bad things could happen to everyone. She had to witness her father fading away from deep sorrow from losing the love of his live. All this really affected who Lillian is today. It also gave her the spark to be like her mother and pursue career on law. Everything changed on that day and Lillian's father was never the same. She didn't just loose her mom but her dad too. Eventually Lillian moved away from her childhood home and went to study in a law school.


Lillian has always been very positive and happy human, even after losing her mother and witnessing her father's depression. Lillian is very outgoing and wants to meet a lot of new people. Despite this Lillian doesn't really have a lot of good friends. She can easily meet new people and get to know them a little bit, but forming a deep and strong bond is scary to her. She likes to keep things simple and light - after all, if she doesn't know someone well, she won't even feel the sorrow of losing them. Lillian smiles a lot and people often describe her to be easy to talk to. She has also very strong desire to help people in need - which is also one of the reasons she wanted to be a lawyer. Lillian says what she thinks and is not afraid to tell her opinion even on hard topics.

Lillian has her dark side that she tries to cover it for as long as she can. She rarely forgives people and can be hard to judge people from their mistakes. Lillian's self image and self-esteem is not the best and she can sometimes very strongly hate herself and doubt her achievements and personality. She sometimes gets really depressed and lost in her own head, these episodes can last from few hours to even few days. During these she never eats and just stays in her bed and tries to sleep. Lillian is finding new methods to get away from these episodes quicker and they have been getting shorter and shorter. These episodes happen because of the trauma she went through as child from losing her mother and never talking about it to anyone.

Lillian is scared of the dark and hates going out at night because of this. She is a huge nature lover and loves long hikes - even though she fears forests and what lies in them and doesn't go there when it's getting dark. She gets really bad panic attack from the darkness and forests.

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