4. September 2023 16:37

Back To School Icon Hunt ~ 04/09/23

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29. August 2023 00:24

My amazing birthday forum made by the wifey ♡♡♡♡♡


24. August 2023 09:40

Dance Show Icon Hunt ~ 24/08/23

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Still no danceshow :((( (forumpost)

18. August 2023 02:49

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15. July 2023 17:20

Why am I currently in the hospital?

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Some of my friends prob noted that I posted in FMB that I was in the hospital. So since I now got the time, I figured I could tell you all why I’m here.

First of, it’s not that bad. I know people get scared hearing that someone is in the hospital, but I’m fine now! I did call the ER in the early morning hours today since my regular painkillars didn’t work. My neck locked so hard that it gave me a massive headache and it was unbelivable how much it actually did hurt. So I called the ER to see what they said about it - and they wanted to take a look at me, so I got an appointment with them at 9.00 … I called at like .. 6? So Yeah, a painful wait.

But I did go down there, pain, fever and all. After taking a general look at me they desider to commit me to get a better understanding on what was what. So this day turned fast into a day with testing, getting here and there and overall just taking a small powernap when I could… it wasn’t before 16.00 or something that I got my own room and finally could relax again … I have gotten some fluid to help and I feel a lot better!

I now have my own room, with a tv and all… so, I’m good! I am being takes good care off and I’m currently not in any pain. I might be at the hospital until Monday, but if I’m Lucky I can get out tomorrow, but that’s not very likley.

But Thank you all for wishing me my best and stuff, I really appriciate you all