3. March 2023 01:06

brzxyz made a poem for me and i'm in love so here !!!

Vaduz, a name both bold and bright,
Like a star shining in the night.
A name that carries strength and grace,
A name that brings a smile to the face.

With each syllable, a sense of pride,
A name that stands out far and wide.
Vaduz, a name of beauty and charm,
A name that can weather any storm.

May your life be like your name,
Bold and bright, a shining flame.
May your journey be filled with love and light,
And your spirit soar to great heights.

Vaduz, a name that's one of a kind,
May your heart always be refined.
For in your name, a greatness lies,
A name that will surely rise.

7. February 2023 15:55

not me thinking i could have these in peace and no one will ever listen to them lol


7. February 2023 15:25

fun fact, my boyfriend doesn't let me sing because he's a stupid party pooper, idk he has this thing about singing, so therefore you all have to suffer through one minute of me singing because!!! i need to get all my singing out of my system before meeting up with him again


feel free to bully me in DM's but i won't listen

25. January 2023 14:11

i have a problem ever since i got my hands on perk hairs i just can't seem to wear anything else

24. January 2023 00:27

icons that slay together stay together