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''When you look at the dark side, careful you must be, for the dark side looks back''

10. January 2023 21:19

Ahh, It's January already

19. December 2022 22:26

It's been few days and I haven't posted here anything. I've been playing sketzmo to get money and fame and been busy with real life stuff.

So exciting that christmas is soon here and also my birthday

15. December 2022 18:35

I miss the wardrobe challange game, it was my favorite game of all, although I miss them all.

To be honest when I last time played gsm, I was literal teenager, so my goblogs and all might have been more embarrasing xD But kinda wish I could read them again, I never took any screenshots or anything from here.

15. December 2022 18:32

Kinda wondering if I could like write little stories here. I like writing short stories and longer ones.
Only problem is that english is not my first language and I have dyslexia xD So if you see me write something wrong, it's because of that xD

15. December 2022 18:30

Kinda wanna use this like personal diary, so here we go.
Today has been very cold day here and my birthday is in next week!
That's all that came to my mind now xD