25. December 2022 22:45

A passing vision

The throne room featured a fire pit -like hearth in the middle of the room. In it, a soft melody was created by the crackling fire. In contrast with other children, a child was engrossed in the hearth for hours, which made some adults jealous. Despite their soft smile, the child continuously wore a look of grief on their face while they eyed the flames. Some of those who knew that child understood what was going on in their mind and adored them for it. The child hugged their dolls and laid them against a stone. They were an old-fashioned hand puppet and a worn-out man doll.

“The flames, especially these ones, remind us of those who sacrificed their lives for their country. In memory of those we honor.”

24. December 2022 23:36

Hmm... thinking about what if I start publishing my dragon age fanfics here
well, there is time to think about that lol