9. January 2023 09:41

Btw if anyone wonders how much fame you get from gifts, I have tested this too

It depends on the price of the item you receive as a gift. Items bought with goMoney will give you the price of the item divided by 10. That means if something costs 100 goMoney, you’ll get 10 fame points.

Diamond items are multiplied by 10, so an item worth 2 diamonds will give you 20 fame points

It appears to follow the same formula when someone gifts you items with a discount. The fame depends on the price paid for the items, so you will gain less fame points on discounted items.

2. January 2023 03:17

I just had a dream about my neighbor’s house just casually floating around

1. January 2023 13:26

Today I’m grateful for my long phone charger cable that makes me able to lay in bed in a comfortable position while my phone is charging

21. December 2022 13:07

Here are some words of advice for you my friend
Love u