26. December 2022 15:38


1) Focus on the GREEN blobs only (easiest to tell apart from the other colours)
- The aim here is to reduce the colours from 4 to 3 as it's easier to manage
- Make sure all the green blobs are in GROUPS and remove the groups one by one
--> your game will be ruined if there is a lone blob without a pair/group

2) Start reducing another colour (usually whichever there's left the least). If you can get yourself from 3 colours to 2 - GREAT. However not a must

3) THE MOST CRUCIAL PART: With only a few groups of each colour left you have to utilise your brain cells fully. How can you combine the blobs left so that no loners get left behind?


+ FORGET about the points. They help nothing if you don't pass the level.
+ Look at the big picture and not just the area you're making moves in. Try to form a good general vision about what blobs are left and where.
+ FOCUS instead of just aimlessly clicking around.
+ If you notice a shortage of ANY colour, switch your focus on grouping those blobs
+ Create and save SAFE GROUPS which cannot be messed up (vertical groups anywhere or horizontal groups in the bottom row) - sometimes it's useful to have something that keeps two blobs/groups apart from each other


- Let a "tail" form (a long row of single blobs on the left)
- Create a "crater" (tall columns on the left and right with only a few blobs in the middle)
- Create a "checkerboard" or a "stripe" (an area with only single blobs or a column with alternating colours)


- Only one blob of a colour left -> instant losing
- The following pattern in the lower left hand corner (or mirrored in the right)

If you can't get rid of the separating the two s, they will be impossible to combine if no other s are left


Good luck bby