5. August 2023 17:16

♡ styling you

i've never done this type of forum before but i have some time on my hands and would like to try and style you ♡ if you'll let me!

i will charge 100gm but you don't have to accept if you rly don't like it haha
here is a link to my saved looks if you'd like to have a look at outfits i've previously done for myself


5. August 2023 14:10


30. July 2023 17:44

every time my roommates have people over i have to remind myself that:

- they are not talking about me
- they don't dislike me
- they are not mean
- they are not after me
- they are not dangerous
- they don't care about me
- they don't care what i'm doing

8. July 2023 16:34

feeling sad cause i wish i was different a lot.
i need days to mentally prepare myself before plans take place, yet my friends ask me spontaneously.
knowing i will say no and feel bad about it cuz now i'm home contemplating if i should just go even though i'm not mentally prepared.

i know if i do this i will have a horrible time overthinking everything and i'll run out of social battery after 1 hour and wanna go home asap.
getting dolled up and taking a 30 minute bus will all be for nothing,
and i'll be regretting that i didn't just stay home like i should've done

i wish i was a fun and social girl who could take things as they come. preparation? what's that? lets go! i'm in! where we meeting?
but i'll never be her, i even tried to be her a couple of times, but guess what?
i hated it every single time. it was never successful and i was humbled every time that this is just not me. i refused to listen and kept trying for years, but i've finally realized there's nothing i can do except accept that i'm not and never will be her.

i'm the introverted kinda girl who needs precise planning. i need to know at least 2-3 days ahead before something happens, i need to know where we're going and what the plan is throughout the evening. i need at least 1 person whom i can feel safe with + have a plan for how to get home if i wanna leave earlier than everyone else.

it's exhausting to live this way, but it's the only way. so unless these criteria aren't there, i will probably stay home and i love staying home more than anything, but it does get lonely sometimes. especially on warm summer nights when everyone is out drinking.

29. April 2023 23:27

all the leaves are brown
and the sky is gray
i've been for walk
on a winter's day

i'd be safe and warm
if i was in LA
california dreamin'
on such a winter's day

stepped into a church
i passed a long the way
well i got down on my knees
and i pretend to pray
you know the preachers like them cold
he knows i'm gonna stay

california dreamin'
on such a winter's day