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29. December 2022 09:15

So, I got a lot of questions, how I play wardrobe challenge, so I decided to write down my tips so everyone who wants to know them, can find them over here.

Let me know if the tips help you out! Also, if you have any questions, just send me a message and I will answer as soon as possible.

Have fun!

How I play Wardrobe Challenge

First of all, these tips are no guarantee that you will make it to level 12+.
It can help to create a format what works for you to help you go further in the levels.

Step 1. I always start from the left top corner and then to the bottom. If I am on the bottom again, I start just like my first move on the left top corner.

Step 2. I choose a color which I’m going to deleted first, most of the time I start with the green color (t-shirts). Why? I don’t know, you can also start with blue (bags), or purple (heels) etc. Just choose what feels good for you.

Step 3. After I decided to delete all the green ones, I’m going to make pairs of them (2 or more).

Step 4. I’m going to check where all the green ones are and make some pairs. (This means you must click other colors away.

Step 5. Take it easy! Look at the colors around the ones you will click away.

Note: Question yourself: how are they falling to the bottom? Is this okay and can I still use them in my next move? If you’re feeling okay with that, then click them away and make some pairs!

Step 6. You made a couple of pairs of your color (in my case: the green ones).
I check if I have EVERYTHING in pairs off the green colors. Is that so? Then let’s click them away!

Note: Question yourself here: how are they falling to the bottom? Is this okay and can I still use them in my next move? If so, then go for it!

Step 7. So that was intense right? Al your chosen colors are away, it’s time to delete the rest!
It's simple: follow the steps step 1-6 again and get to the next level!

Note: If you forgot 1 stupid thing, because you didn’t see it. Do not stop playing! Make it till the end to clear the board as much as you can. You still get goMoney and Fame if you still 2-3 items!

Step 8. Didn’t make it to the next level? No worries, just try it again. You also must get some luck to get through all the levels. I also don’t always come to my record level or even to the first one.
And that’s fine, because how often you play with the same format, you get further.

Step 9. Take a break. Seriously, stop pushing yourself to get trough level X or earn X fame. It can stress you out. And yes you need a little focus, so you can choose the right moves during the levels.

Set a time for half hour, 15 min. or 1 hour and play nonstop. Then take a brake go to the forums, the toilet or something. This is good, so you can clear your head and start over again with a fresh mind.

Step 10. Enjoy playing Wardrobe Challenge, listen to some music and just relax and play. It’s not a contest right, it’s for fun.