25. February 2023 06:46

WORST clubnight of my life shouldve stayed home omfg. went to berghain to see ecco2k & mechatok play - but it did NOT turn out to be as fun as the last time i went there. i was soooo stupid and wore a SKIRT and a TOP when it was freezing and raining - waited for more than 2 hours bc i didnt wanna give up and force myself to go out. if only id known. made it in & they played disorder by joy division which was A MOMENT !! but upstairs at mechatoks set it was so full everyone was pushing and i could not dance without someone pushing against me. plus the crowd was so weird like i 100% understand the door policy but they failed so hard wtf was that. just uncomfortable. last time was so much fun bc everyone was there to have a good time, was nice and everybody was looking out for one another. yeah if it hadnt been for the crowd it wouldve been cool. im so fucking tired just wanna go to bed and not think about the money i wasted tonight

29. January 2023 14:02

im literally so embarrassed i shittalked my roommates on twitter and didnt think they'd notice and now they've mentioned it i-....... im sorry im literally just a child what do u want me to do

10. January 2023 16:11

im such a loser lmao sitting at my film history seminar talking to no one

12. December 2022 21:34

my last go blog entry didnt save but ANYWAYS. i rewatched suspiria (2018) with my bf since he wanted to see another luca guadagnino movie after bones and all (which i really loved) but sadly i didnt enjoy it as much as the last time (even though mia goth is in it).. i remember being really flashed when i saw it the first time and visually and all it is stunning, love the concept but towards the end it felt a little rushed.. enjoyable nonetheless, but i'm really looking forward to watching the original to see how it holds up.