14. February 2023 19:51

A guide to own that wardrobe challenge

I have been trying out a tactic, that have turned out to increase my highscore better than any other. I can easily get to level 9-10 every time, when properly focused. I can recommend trying it out, and I'll try to explain it as best as I can, along with some detailed explanation on how to solve certain outcomes, that you may face during a round of wc.

Split board
You have probably heard others say that you need to keep an eye on the whole board, at all times. However, I have found, that splitting the board in two (while still keeping an eye on the whole board) turned out to give a better overview during the first step - which includes getting rid of one color first.

Which color to go for?
I cannot stress this enough: pick your color carefully.
Personally I always scan the board thoroughly, to point out what color/item would be fastest to get rid of. I always keep this single rule in mind:
Which one would take the fewest clicks to get rid of?
-Often you can pretty easily spot, which color that is. Other times not (but try to envision it as best as you can) - and this is when I find it really helpful to divide my focus into left and right.

Let's say green is the one to clear up first:
Start by gathering the greens on the left... and then move to the right to do the same. Don't remove them just yet (unless they're really blocking your next move).

Now that you have gathered the greens, pause and take a good look at your board now. -It may get a little tricky now. Before you continue, you need to decide what moves will have the best outcome in order to bring the rest of the colors into pairs.

Also before deleting the green pairs that you have just collected, make sure to envision how they will affect the colors around and on top of them, when removed. Will it affect them positively? Go for it. If not, you may wanna leave them for a little longer - but be careful not to split them up again.
-If you have managed to get some VERTICAL green pairs, you definitely wanna keep them, as they can come in handy going onwards.

Solving a tangled grid
If you notice a hoard on the bottom where a lot of singles are really tangled up with each other - I strongly recommend to prioritise getting that cleared up before moving on, cause otherwise it will just ruin it for you in the end.

If for example you a a 3x3 grid with:
!, blue, pink blue, ?
!, pink, blue, pink, ?
!, green, pink, purple, ?

- You could start by picking up a purple from the "?" row - do you have one close by? If not, try and move to the left side of the grid, where we have a green at the bottom. Maybe there you can find a green, that's closer?
-Pairing the purple with another purple and getting rid of the pair, would make the pink on top + the blue above the pink, fall into pairs with the middles. Just as pairing up the green and removing that green pair, will make the blue and pink fall into pairs.
Do you see where i'm going? Now it should be a little easier for you to continue.

This guide may/may not be updated later on.

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Things I need eventually:
Ad0xa glasses
The hair in white
White robe

...and so on

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I beat my record today.

Sunday, february 12: Reached level 25, 37688 points.
Saturday, march 4th: Rached level 26, 40842 points (6,624 fame)

- P