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tell me why i shouldnt throw this drink in your bítch áss face

16. February 2023 20:32

not me making a comeback on here after a month

anyways i've read a lot of books as y'all can probably imagine since that's the only thing i do, and tbh i've read a lot of trashy books like the writing is bad but the vibes are good?? and i'm in the mood for some more of that so i think i'll start reading the zodiac academy and check it out, i'll update y'all

what else?? i've started my internship and it angers me how many people needs help but doesn't get it, i'm currently in a school working with the school psychologist, student coaches (not sure if the translation is correct) and like school therapists and so on

i see so many flaws in the system and i just want to scream and demand more of the people working with these students but i get that it's difficult when there's people who has gotten so comfortable with their work that they don't do anything and when other people who actually tries to do their job and try to make a change it's not the easiest thing in the world, idk it's frustrating for sure

27. January 2023 04:14

so my biggest fucking mistake was to stop taking my meds bc now that i'm on them again after being off for 2 weeks i'm literally a mess

i literally can't function properly, my anxiety is so bad, i can't focus or concentrate for shít, i'm agitated and crying for no reason, and i can't sleep

i'm also so stressed about school and i want to scream and rip out all of my hair, now i'm pissed thinking about school great BYE y'all for now

16. January 2023 18:19

i really want a blender to be able to make smoothies

10. January 2023 23:22

whew it's been a while since i wrote something on here, but i'm back again besties

so i've just recently came to the conclusion that i absolutely love being alone, like sure i like to hang out with friends but i don't have a lot of friends and it's fine by me
i love to spend time with myself, and the moment i think of being in a relationship i feel trapped, maybe that's why i'm dreaming of my own harem bc then i will be more free in a sense i guess, not trapped with one person but bonded to several

idk maybe that's contradictory, but my freedom is so important to me, i love connecting with humans but i don't crave it yk?? i could be living in a cabin out in the woods all by my own and i would be fine with it, i would maybe have to meet some people here and there so i don't go completely feral and insane but the thought of being alone forever doesn't scare me, being trapped does

i think if i'm ever going to be in a romantic relationship it will be with several people, like two, three, maybe four?? but not just one

31. December 2022 15:01

why did i have a dream that someone hacked my model but instead of being mean and taking stuff they gave me "the hair" you know?? and they also bought me a face i really want to buy and then changed my status to something that wasn't terrible

go off hacker i guess??