27. April 2023 15:11


Just dropping them here, updating the list here as well: https://gosupermodel.com/community/forum_thread.jsp?id=575136

#1 Add a chat function (goChat)
Not sure if we used to have this on the 'old' gSm? But I would love to have some type of chat option, like messenger on FB. I just feel like it would be so much easier to connect with other girls than having to write mails to each other that get lost etc. etc. Maybe with options to either allow non-friends to chat with you or only friends etc.

#2 Receive notifications on auctions you're interested in
Sometimes I place a bid on an auction item that's still hours away from ending, but I want to keep an eye on it. If someone outbids me, I only want to place new bids when the auction ends, but now I have to check how much time is left etc. It would be useful if you receive a notification like "an auction you bid on is ending in xx minutes" so that you can still try to get the item you want.

#3 Make gSm more responsive
I 100% understand that the 'old' website was launched again, but in my opinion it would be great to have a more responsive website. For example, when accessing the website on a large screen, the website is only a tiny tiny part of the screen. Also, on mobile devices you have to zoom all the time and not all buttons are easy to tap. It would be great if the website would scale to the device you're using and get the max. use out of it :)

#4 Add a scroll to top button :)
Sometimes when I'm like scrolling down a lot in auctions or my wardrobe, I can't simply go back to another page, since there's no menu or back to top button. It would be very nice to have that haha :)

#5 'Favourites' section in wardrobe
It would be great if you could select some items in your wardrobe and add it to something like 'favourites' so you can easily find them if you use them a lot and don't have to scroll through your entire wardrobe.

#6 Gift wardrobe items and goPack
Sometimes people here host a giveaway with certain items and/or the goPack, but you can’t gift items from your wardrobe or the goPack, so you always have to make a trade of at least 10gm. I think it would be nice if you could gift the goPack to someone (like VIP) and maybe also items from your wardrobe.

24. April 2023 11:19

WIN a Last Chance item today Mo. 24th of April!

Check all details here: https://gosupermodel.com/community/forum_thread.jsp?id=570901

16. April 2023 21:33

WIN the goPack shoes!

Check the competition here: https://gosupermodel.com/community/forum_thread.jsp?id=547652