23. July 2023 23:50

23. July 2023 23:47


Fashionshow is a daily contest with a theme choosen by the community, where you can submit your outfit for the chance to win goMoney and fame. You can also level up "Show Levels", which increases your rewards and making the themes harder. So new models (and pros) have opponents that match their level! (I used the OG Modellevel badges, how nostalgic and fitting lol! )

The Fashionshow >>

You can rate 3 models against each other and decide on your favourite outfit. The gift bar on the right, which rewards you for voting, fills up with every vote- So it also encourages to really vote! If you don't like all 3 outfits you can refresh them and then decide again.

After voting for an outfit (https://i.imgur.com/NTmpBmq.png)

After choosing one outfit, the stats are displayed to you with the progress of their current votes. The outfit you chose will light up gold while the others remain greyed out. You will see the model name, level and badges AFTER choosing. That guarantees anonymous voting!

Highscore (https://i.imgur.com/ECSzx13.png)

If we get a new theme, the winners of the expired theme will be shown to us. Here we can see the best outfits with the most votes!

Themes (https://i.imgur.com/hyN3aIH.png)

As a community, we can decide the topics ourselves in the daily poll on the front page. We can, of course, see the current theme and the 2 following ones. That way we can prepare for what's to come!

Read everything here: https://imgur.com/a/G1AjK5e

I had so much fun creating it, and thank YOU for taking a look!

20. April 2023 18:18


I have seen the idea several times and I myself have also thought about how this could be integrated. It's a cute idea and I created a fast and simple guestbook for our profile and tried to keep it as simple as possible and stay true to gSm's style.

20. April 2023 18:16


I created a dark mode which fits the optic of gSm. It would be so much more comfortable for the eyes. My thoughts when i created it:

can be toggled on and off with the button next to the volume (like the volume)
special colour backgrounds for level 15 and above get a dark purple tone
moderators, focussler & junior designers also get a darker color of their originals

20. April 2023 18:14


The model pass is a purchasable addition for exclusive cosmetic items which grants the model rewards in exchange for spotlight. The pass contains 30 rewards - cosmetic items; fame; greetings; diamonds and goMoney. These can be unlocked by leveling up throughout the destination and earning spotlight points.

2 versions of the model pass are available;
a paid premium pass, granting exclusive items/rewards
a free pass, costing no goMoney/diamonds but only offering select items