14. September 2023 20:19

not to keep complaining on my goblog but i got winter vomiting's disease the day before as i was supposed to meet with the doctor to plan and find a date for my jaw operation and now it will be postponed :(

26. August 2023 21:48

someone just asked me if they could use my outfit in a magazine aaa :')

24. August 2023 22:04

this beast is almost 40K words and nowhere near done. Oh boy

29. July 2023 21:02

I am sooo excited to go back to work on monday but I'm also gonna miss being on vacation hhh

17. July 2023 22:05

I have now twice gotten an outfit in the refreshments just as I've bought/gotten the outfit through auctions/trades because I foolishly thought they'd change the outfits each week