5. February 2023 22:18

To read 2023:

1: Ruination
2. Poppy War
3. Jade City
4. The Hero of Ages
5. The Folk of Air
6. The Song of Achilles
7. Priory of the Orange Tree
8. Darius the Great is Not OK

- The Raven Boys
- The Cruel Prince
- The Wicked King
- Ninth House
- Turtles All the Way Down
- Elantris
- Muse of Nightmares
- Assassin's Apprentice
- The Eye of the World
- The Final Empire
- Hell Bent

Reading now:
-The Well of Ascension

13. December 2022 17:07

First issue of my magazine Adobe with 20 themes for your profile!


Second issue of Adobe with 12 zodiac sign themes:


12. December 2022 19:13

Base code:

<div style="background-image:url(gSm LINK HERE); background-repeat:no-repeat; width:731px; height:706px; position:relative; margin-left:-7px; margin-top:-21px; margin-bottom:-20px;">

Normal Box:

<div style="position:absolute; left:316px; top:155px; width:206px; height:83px; overflow:auto; float:left; line-height:145%; opacity:1;">TEXT HERE.</div>


<div id="scrollbox" style="position:absolute; width:272px; height:110px; left: 415px; top: 478px; overflow: auto; float:left; line-height:145%; opacity:1;">TEXT HERE.</div>


The layout can only be 731 width and under 300kb JPG