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5. February 2023 22:18

To read 2023:

1: Ruination
2. The Dragon Republic
3. Jade City
4. Warbreaker
5. The Queen of Nothing
6. The Dream Thieves
7. Priory of the Orange Tree
8. A Little Life
9. City of Fallen Angles
10. From Blood and Ash

- The Raven Boys
- The Cruel Prince
- The Wicked King
- Ninth House
- Turtles All the Way Down
- Elantris
- Muse of Nightmares
- Assassin's Apprentice
- The Eye of the World
- The Final Empire
- Hell Bent
- The Well of Ascension
- Darius the Great is Not OK
- The Hero of Ages
- The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time Book 2)
- The Song of Achilles
- The Poppy War

Reading now:
Darius the Great Deserves Better

Last updated: 12th of April 2023

13. December 2022 17:07

First issue of my magazine Adobe with 20 themes for your profile!

Second issue of Adobe with 12 zodiac sign themes:

12. December 2022 19:13

Base code:

<div style="background-image:url(gSm LINK HERE); background-repeat:no-repeat; width:731px; height:706px; position:relative; margin-left:-7px; margin-top:-21px; margin-bottom:-20px;">

Normal Box:

<div style="position:absolute; left:316px; top:155px; width:206px; height:83px; overflow:auto; float:left; line-height:145%; opacity:1;">TEXT HERE.</div>


<div id="scrollbox" style="position:absolute; width:272px; height:110px; left: 415px; top: 478px; overflow: auto; float:left; line-height:145%; opacity:1;">TEXT HERE.</div>


The layout can only be 731 width and under 300kb JPG