15. January 2023 15:19

Another commission example

14. January 2023 14:07

Here's an example of a cheaper commission

Full body or just upper body

Price (depending on the details, more details= higher price):

2000-4000 gm

30-50 diamonds


one week VIP (no Vip days)
if VIP days then 20

OR 2500 GM and 15 Diamonds

11. January 2023 15:04

Here's the first commission I've ever made on gSm 2.0!! yayy

If you want a commission I guess I would take

a) 8000 gM

or b) 4000 gM and 25 diamonds

or c) one month VIP

I guess
You can choose one of above

But we can rethink the prices after the drawing is ready, if it doesn't match your expectations, then we'll figure something else out

7. January 2023 11:57

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15. December 2022 14:45

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