9. September 2023 08:24

New short isotretinoin update!

It's been 3,5 months now. Last month I still got a few pimples during PMS. But this time, I didn't even have one! Not even a small one. I'm so happy about it honestly. My skin feels so smooth and I LOVE wearing makeup now bc it's so much more fun.

7. June 2023 21:54

Hey guys!
So, it's been two weeks. My period just ended and my skin ist bad again! Since my acne is hormonal, I expected it tbh. BUT it's still waaaay better than it used to be before!

I have no side effects at all. My lips feel a bit dry but I'm sure it's the weather tbh!

I've been using La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5+ for my dry skin and it's honestly such a nice product, i can def recommend!

I still pick my skin it's the worst habit!! I reallyyy need to stop...

That's about it. Not much has changed since last week! I hope you still enjoyed this post

xoxo Moomin!

btw my mom took the pics today and she isn't really good at it But I hope you can still compare the pics

31. May 2023 19:19

Hey guys!
It's been a week since I started taking isotretinoin so I want to give an update.
What has changed?
As you can see, my skin is less irritated than before. It already looks cleaner due to the redness from Irritation going away. People are already noticing a difference!
Side effects:
My skin is slightly more dry. Not everywhere tho, my forehead has a dry patch but my cheeks still get oily. Definitely less than before though.
I haven't really noticed any other side effects but I just started with the treatment so I'm sure I'll still have plenty in the future.

I have a small breakout since yesterday, not different than usual but I noticed that they are already drying out, which is amazing! Really trying hard not to pick on my pimples and skin

So I'm happy already and I believe it won't take long for my skin to clear up!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you can send me a message.
Have a nice day and see you next week!

24. May 2023 19:32

Hey guys!
So, my journey of (hopefully) getting rid of my acne begins!
I got the Isotretinoin pills today, 20mg daily is the plan for now. My next appointment with my doc is in a month to check how my body and skin reacts to the pills.

I bought some skin care products for dry skin, since everything I own is for oily skin! That's because the pills will really really dry out my skin. I need to moisturize very well and use good and a lot of sunscreen.

These pictures are from today. It's not as bad as usual atm but my skin looks very irritated. Also, I got a huge pimple in my ear (as you can clearly see!) and it hurtssss .

I'm very excited about finally having a chance to get rid of my acne! I'll try to make a weekly update for you guys!