15. May 2023 16:48


may 14th-may 15th.

May 14th 23.10 CET - May 15th 16.48 CET

3. February 2023 16:47

I like you because you are fly as sh!t. Flyer than the chicken in Trondheim, and thats saying something. I know i can ALWAYS come to you for advice, because somehow you can find yourself relating to every situation OR help by trying (and succeding) to relate to a situation that is unfamiliar. Your empathy knows no boundries. You never try to make me feel like less of a person or make me feel like my feelings arent valid. Also, you are actually rather hilarious as well, and your sense of meme-humor is bangin'. Also i like that you're great at giving compliments, and make me feel better about myself. I like that you are being patient with me when i am a tired and s0cky person. I love how much you are rooting for me to succeed, whether that is by getting a therapist and financial aids, or for us to be moderator-coworkers and just generally at everything. You're the best, understanding, cheerleader anyone could ever have in their corner. I love the compassion you have for animals, and you would never hesitate to cut a bisj if they didnt treat their animals right. I think you are so talented, even though you struggle to see it yourself. You are amazing at taking pictures, amazing at creating look on gosupermodel, amazing at getting out of the house most days even when its hard and an amazing friend. I love how you have a new way of looking at things; i'm not a p0ssy for being afraid of going to the grocery store, i'm brave because i go even though im scared to. And even your flaws i find endearing. I love your forgetfullness that leaves us with me telling you the same stories over and over again, without you even noticing. And i still cannot understand how on earth i managed to get you as mah goldie???

> Medusa

2. February 2023 17:00

fashion magazine
another word for pale
whats back in fashion?

25. January 2023 20:33

I love green btw

24. January 2023 13:40

CUTE amazing drawing of my CUTE amazing legendary look