3. February 2023 03:41

How do people not know the "lgbt flag" is actually the polish flag it's beyond me.


Gop1ss Girl

3. February 2023 03:23

It's not the model C you think I seek
It is the one that enjoys trains
I left a gift for you on the train this time little miss C

Xoxo gossip girl

3. February 2023 02:32

Recently little miss C has been quiet, too quiet...
What's going on with the her recently?
Did she see my blog?


Gossip girl

28. January 2023 21:25

Hey there upper east side of gSm

Gossip girl here, the one and only soruce into the scandalous lives of the elite, and thus big little week has begun.

On day one, it looked like Little C on gSm didn't get the clues she had be longing for. Let's just say I'm a ticking time bomb and I'm about to explode with excitement

Untill then Little C. There are clues hidden inside your gift. Sorry Staff. I know I promised to keep everything on the down low. But this is just too good.
Happy Hunting Little C.

You know you love me.

Gossip Girl