22. February 2023 20:55

monday (but wednesday) replay wk 8
-> the songs i played on replay last week!!
[ ..and the addled abstraction of being - psychedelic po.rn crumpets ]
(again starting with a title that is not allowed ofcourse!!!)
sometimes you're just looking for something that is just a slight deviation of a good thing that you already know. the past years i've been listing to tame impala, crumb, etc. etc., on a regular basis. i'm not bored of it, but i was looking for a similar sound from a new band. [..and the addled abstraction of being - psychedelic po.rn crumpets] brought me this 3xactly.

it sometimes gives early tame impala. then i hear king gizzard and the lizard wizard similarities. sometimes some unknown mortal orchestra. but it's still different enough to feel new. this song became a "first listen favourite" of the band, especially due to the part starting at 3:50 (but if you listen, do listen to the entire song, this part is like a GIFT after an amazing build up). man, i'm listening to the song while writing this and i'm just moving along with it. it's so fucking good.

honourable mention: i struggled choosing between 4 ppc songs, but my obsession with this band started at [cubensis lenses]. it sounds a bit like an older arctic monkeys song? can't exactly put my finger on it, been thinking about teddy picker or something else from fwn. great song though

[ median - tummyache ]
last friday i was chatting in another high-paced, trying-to-squeeze-in “who do you want as a friend” topic. it was good fun and eventually i got to chat with (Laura Palmer). she ended up giving me some recommendations and [median - tummyache] immediately became a favourite.

the song has anything that i'm currently into. when i was going for a late night walk last sunday around 11 pm i put it on full volume and i've felt so POWERFUL just walking around listening to it. the flow of the song is just amazing.

[ ricky - denzel curry ]
youtube recommended me a video about the great rhymers. after the obvious talk about MF doom, kendrick lamar, eminem, andre 3000, i was happy to see that they mentioned denzel curry as well. after the video, i decided to revisit the songs i liked by him on spotify and [RICKY - denzel curry] has been on replay for a good chunk last week.

not much to say about it, it's a good song. the rhyme pattern in it is amazing.

[ baby girl - disco lines ]
i had an assignment due past sunday, so i spent some late nights at the library last week. one of my biggest pitfalls when trying to have a productive evening is the sudden urge to start making playlists. i was looking for some fast paced stuff and [baby girl - disco lines] was in the recommendations for my playlist.

without joking; i couldn't sit still. went home within 15 minutes of finding the song because i just could. not. sit. still. i think i had a massive grin on my face the entire 10 minute bike ride home because this stuff sLAPS. it just makes me want to move.

[ sick & tired - lime garden ]
my favourite festival FINALLY released the line up for this year. like every other year, i didn't even know half the artists on the poster. this festival has been my resource for new bands for years now. i think [sick & tired - lime garden] is going to be the song that i will use to start the "this is the song that i first started listening of my now favourite band" story.

the start of the song feels airy and light, the lead singers voice is amazing. but the thing that i like most is the flow in the chorus. the pauses between words. the faster pace in the second sentence of the rhyme. i don't know what the proper words are to this, but it just flows perfectly for me. love love love it.

13. February 2023 20:52

monday replay wk 7
-> the songs i played on replay last week!!
[ nud3- radiohead ]
(it's actually nud3 with an e but !! not allowed !!)
look, i hadn't been to the dentist in 5 years, and on my way there i just felt like i was slowly approaching the end. i was being overly dramatic but [nud3 - radiohead] fit this vibe perfectly.

i was shamelessly sporting some "look out the train window" main character vibes and this song is going to be a keeper. i've read that thom yorke didn't actually like it at first. they recorded it for the OK computer album (which i love), but he thought his vocals were too.... feminine. glad to read that that was what he ended up loving about the song

[ broken - the haunted youth ]
sometimes i feel like a bit of an outcast with the in laws. the youngest, only one still in school, more reserved than others. but the one thing i know i am on the same page about, is love for music.

i was happy to see the notification pop up when my father in law shared the song [broken - the haunted youth] with me. he liked the song and was right in thinking i would too. i've heard a lot of positive stuff about this band, but this was the first time listening to their music. hope to see them live this year!

[ rumors - gucci mane, lil durk ]
past saturday i went out with some friend for the first time in a loooong time. unfortunately, the night ended soon due to some logistic issues with public transport. when i got home around midnight, i was still a little bit in clubbing mode (very apparent in my forum activity, too) due to the sudden change of plans.

then [rumors - gucci mane, lil durk] came on shuffle. i don't even remember when i have ever added it to my liked songs, but it was what i needed. it's not even that good, it's just catchy or something.

[ echolalia - yves tumor ]
again, a replay song found on spotify's release radar! though i don't listen to yves tumor very often, [echolalia - yves tumor] is a song that i really enjoyed the past days. it gives me some nyc drama series meets indie experimental? whatever; it's good and has main character vibes.

a funny thing: i have spell check enabled and was surprised by the absence of a red line under "echolalia". a quick google search taught me that it has to do with a repetition of speech. cool

[ greener - fkj, santana ]
back to the thing about having my liked songs on shuffle: it can be kind of a wild ride. i've been through eunadi, some techno, to (underrated) eurovision entries all back to back. a few months back [greener - fkj, santana] came on while i was doing uni work in a coffee bar. i shazamed it, liked the song on spotify, and then forgot it existed.

so happy that i found it again. santana and FKJ on the same song, and it is wildly underrated. i'm not a big video clip on youtube person, but for this song i am. it gave me literal chills.

6. February 2023 11:17

monday replay wk 6
-> the songs i played on replay last week!!
(just 3, because i didn't actually listen to that much songs on repeat this week :o!)
[ you're my heart, you're my soul - modern talking ]
though i don't remember who it was, somebody on here was talking about 80s music and going to a modern talking concert. out of curiosity i started listening to their most popular songs, and [you're my heart, you're my soul - modern talking] has been stuck in my head ever since.

flaunting down the school corridors to my exam, running errands, cooking dinner... it's been on repeat. i texted my mum "this song is so good" and she sent me the coolest picture of herself back in the day, hair all poofy and everything. my mom and my uncle used to dance to this song in their room, presumably when they wanted to escape the rest of their 8 headed family.

[ cabin days - the sweet enoughs ]
when i'm studying i prefer to listen to instrumental songs only. [cabin days - the sweet enoughs] was on some playlist called "quiet place", and it takes me right to spring. i'm done with the winter and just want to hear birds.

currently, i live on the 14th floor of a (somewhat) tall building in a small city. not a lot of bugs and birds stop here, but since last week there's a pigeon doing its thing very close to my bedroom window. it took me right back home. growing up in a small village with more cattle than people always put me around a lot of animals. the cooing of the pigeon really illustrated the comfort of "back home" and the song cabin days did exactly the same for me.

[ hardcode - zack bia, don toliver ]
i like to check out the "release radar" posted by spotify every friday, it gives you new songs from artists that you listen to on a regular basis. i've been fond of don toliver for a while, but lost my interest when seeing his very poor live performance. it wasn't only him, also the audience around me seemed to just wait for the tiktok songs to make their snapchat or bereal.

that aside, on said release radar, [hardcode - zack bia, don toliver] popped up. its good!!!!! it reminds me of 2010-2015 songs due to the beat, and i just want to move along.

30. January 2023 10:36

monday replay wk 5
-> the songs i played on replay last week!!
[ $20 - boygenius ]
last night i found the playlist "best bands in the universe" by spotify. the first song on it was [$20 - boygenius] and i didn't even make it to the rest of the songs. i never knew phoebe bridgers was in a band as well, but on the other hand, i don't even know one phoebe bridgers song.

$20 has amazing riffs accommodating the oldschool punkpop feeling i used to enjoy when i was a teen. the instrumentals get dreamy in the bridge, followed by a chorus that lifts you right of the ground. phoebe's (i think) raw vocals at the end ties it all together perfectly

[ ikigai - robohands ]
i wanted to turn my wifi off while studying for exams in the library, so i made a quick study playlist. after adding macabre plaza, khruangbin, los destellos and some hermanos guiterrez, the playlist seemed quite sparse, so i added some suggested songs. the song [ikigai - robohands] took me by surprise.

look, i have absolutely zero "technical/serious" knowledge about music, but the drumming (??) bit starting 30 seconds into the song scratches my brain in all the right spots. i always love when a song has this. its a quick drumming sound of which the name ive tried to google before.

fun note: ikigai (i think) roughy means "the thing you wake up for in the morning". sounds pretty.

[ you & I - dabeull, holybrune ]
this song just clicks. it has an 80s feel, smooth vocals, great producing and is all together just very dancable. not very much more to say about it. i've discovered [you & I - dabeull, holybrune] a while ago, but finding it in an old playlist helped me rekindle my love for it.

when you can start the "playing this song on repeat" process TWICE for one song, then you know it's a good song.

[ rakıya su katamam - altin gün ]
via the IF YOU LIKE BLANK _ subreddit i found this account making playlists based on drinks (mixed drink mixtape). they had a playlist with anatolian rock/turkish psych and it is absolutely amazing. altin gün have been in my list of bands for a while, so when i saw them in this playlist, i waz excited to listen again. their new song [rakıya su katamam - altin gün] has been on repeat since then.

the whole song is great, but the buildup starting just before the 2 minute mark is an introduction to one of the best riffs i've heard this year so far. closely listen to the base too.