21. November 2023 18:56

Fuldmaane [Level: Elite] [VIP] [Online now] took the goTest "Can I guess your age?" with this result:
You are somewhere between 14-17

mentally im here

4. September 2023 22:16


10. August 2023 15:58

Items we seriously need back on gsm:

Winter jacket: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/909796605195079704/1139155317133955223/900PPpC.png

Braids (more than this colour): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/909796605195079704/1139155045745696941/2736uQD.png

9. August 2023 22:58

Flip flap flupperdupperdob
Flupperdupperblib og flop
Flip flap flupperdiberbob
Fliperbieberblab og fløp

5. July 2023 11:15

Fuldmaane [Level: Elite] [VIP] [Online now] took the goTest "what german stereotype are you?" with this result:
you wear socks with sandals. so like, you are the worst stereotype. congrats!

yes, this is me