16. November 2023 10:18


Referral-jacket forum. So I don't have to look forever

23. February 2023 22:07

I'll be radioactive tomorrow
Gon make some mutated bread

14. February 2023 10:01

I'm so fkn tired after this last week and I've still got tons to do before I can relax for like a little over a week and then it's back on the work-train. I'm so exhausted #VEDS-life

4. February 2023 01:33

My butt hurts. I should go to bed. Chairs hurt

30. January 2023 01:25

I was addicted before, and I'm getting addicted now. Thank God GSM doesn't have an app.. I would never lose my phone again..and how's my bf supposed to laugh at me while I ask for the 1000th time today "U know where my phone is?"