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Nadinono's Style Shop

I used to do this back in the day and I would love to do it again now that we have a little more choice in clothes. You will get a outfit suggestion every week that is mandatory to accept. You can choice from 3 different packages down below. You will be able to cancel the subscription at any given time.

I'll post a few looks I did


What is it?
There are a few different packages that have different prices. I will send you a goMessege when it's time for a new outfit and you can messege back a few thing that you want to include in the look, like a certain bag or certain style.

Package 1: Get a outfit suggestion every month for 300gM
Package 2: Get a outfit suggestion every 2 weeks for 200gM
Package 3: Get a outfit suggestion every week for 75gM

The prizes don't include the standard fee of gSm of 100gM.


If you have any questions feel free to send me a DM or ask them on the forum.
If you want to subscribe to a package send me a DM!

If you have any feedback feel free to put them here! I'll take a look at it!
Also let me know if you think it's a shitty concept hahah!

Love, Nadinono