25. April 2023 19:57

My Workout Playlist
Alt/metalcore/whatever you call it


17. January 2023 17:38

Journal Prompts for Moving On

- What happened?
- How has it left you feeling?
- Who was there and what did they say and do?
- What do you wish happened instead?
- Why are you finding it har to let it go?
- What steps can you take to move on?

17. January 2023 17:07

Journal Prompts for Monthly Reflection

- What is my favorite memory of this month?
- What was my biggest challenge?
- What am I proud of myself for?
- What do I need to let go of from this month?
- What do I really want to happen this month?

6. January 2023 11:25

Daily Journal Prompts

- How am I doing?
- What am I grateful for and why?
- What/Who do I need to forgive?
- What will I be remembering today for?
- What have I learned today?
- What do I need recognition from myself for today?
- What self loving act have I done today?

6. January 2023 11:22

Journal Prompts for Feeling Emotions

- What emotions don't I like to feel? Why not?
- Have I been taught that there are "good" and "bad" emotions? How has this affected the way I see my emotions?
- If I knew I could handle all of the emotions I will ever feel, what would I do?
- How can I work on improving my Emotional Intelligence?