16. July 2023 15:18

A bit late, but I wanted to post my entry to the written word summer camp talent show here as well, even though I didn’t win

For reference, everything quoted between // are meant to be in italics, it’s just not possible here..

So here is my story Back at camp


The over packed duffel landed hard on the gravel as Misa stopped to look up at the sign in front of her.

/Welcome to goSupermodel Summer Camp!/

It was looking a bit rough, the paint faded and smudged in some places and the wood showed clear signs of water damage.

/Must be the same sign that’s been there since the beginning,/ she thought to herself and she bent down to pick up her duffel again as she heard voices coming up behind her.


The shout was joyous, and she turned around with a smile on her pale face, which would be full of freckles and probably a lot redder by the time summer was up. She looked up as a tall, handsome man stopped before her, the joy in his shout clear on his face as well.

«You know, I honestly couldn’t believe it when Rori said you were coming this summer.»

The voice matched his handsome features, warm and inviting (/and still so hot/ a voice whispered in her head).

«Yeah, well,» she started, voice a bit unsteady at first but gaining confidence as we went, «I was suddenly without summer plans» - /or any plans/ - «so when I saw the call for camp counselors I just thought why not, you know?»

He smiled at her - stop it heart - and nodded along.

«Well it’s good to see you,» he said, stretching out a hand and gripping her shoulder. «I hope you find what you’re looking for.»

She smiled at him, heart constricting in her chest. «It’s good to see you too, Showtime.» She considered clasping his hand for a second but thought that would be too weird, show too much.

«Alright, you know where the counselors’ cabins are still, right?» he asked as he took his hand back. She already missed his touch.

«Yep, unless they’ve moved in the last ten years,» she answered with a little laugh.

He smiled and shook his head. A voice shouting his name emerged from a group of people huddled farther in the parking lot, and he waved a hand at them.

«Alright, then I’ll see you at the orientation meeting if not before then,» he said as he started walking towards the group.

«Yeah, okay, see you,» she stuttered at his back, watching the muscles of his shoulders move under his camptank.

/Well fuck. This summer’s about to be.. interesting./

Turning around, Misa headed up to the cabins situated on the east side of the grounds, head filled with the last summer she had been here.

The summer she turned 18, the summer after her senior year at high school, the last summer to be a kid before she headed off to college and the real world.

A summer spent with her best friends, making crafts and learning stupid dance moves to all the top 40 hits, perfecting her diving form by spending hours in the lake, smoking smuggled cigarettes in the woods behind the food hut, sneaking out after curfew and meeting Showtime..

Showtime, who she had spent every summer with from age 9 to 18. Showtime, who was a year older than her and therefore /so cool/ when she was younger, and an obvious crush as she became a teenager. Showtime, who was cool and popular and /so so/ handsome, but who was still the nicest guy around.

Showtime, who had been her first kiss, his warm hands on her cheeks and tall body pressed against hers, her back against the gnarly trunk of a tree and her legs strained as she stood on her toes to meet him.

Showtime, who had been her first /in many things/ that last summer. Showtime, who when summer ended had promised to call.

Showtime, who never did.

Showtime, who looked better than ever now, golden tanned already even though summer had just started, who had a hint of a beard on his face - /oh the beardburn would be lovely/ - and who seemed to have grown even more since that summer, when she was 18 and he was 19, the last time they saw each other.

Showtime, who she still somehow measured every other man up against. (Probably the reason she’d never had a relationship last longer than 6 months.)

Showtime, who as she walked through the door of the cabin she would be staying in this summer came in behind her - /she hadn’t even heard him catch up/ - and who closed it behind them.

Showtime, who after looking around the room and confirming they were alone took her duffel from her shoulder and let it slip from his hands as he stared at her.

Showtime, who backed her up against the door, so reminiscent of their last summer, and leaned his forehead against hers.

Showtime, who after looking into her eyes for what seemed like ages, placed his hands on her cheeks, the big palms stretching over most of her face, thumbs stroking along her cheekbones and fingertips tangling in her wild hair.

Showtime, who kissed her for the first time in 10 years and it was like no time had passed at all. Showtime, who pressed his strong body up against hers, who’s hands drifted down her body to clasp at her waist, who’s knee wedged between her own to give her something to rest on.

Showtime, who’s hands couldn’t stay still as they drifted from her waist down to her hips, one sliding down her thigh to lift it up around him, following the curve of it back up to her bum and resting there.

Showtime, who drew back a few seconds before peppering kisses over her face and down her neck as he whispered how much he’s missed her, how he’d planned to call but had lost her number, how he’d never met someone like her neither before or since, and that he was so sorry for not trying harder to find her.

Showtime, who pulled back further, looking debauched and so so happy, who took her hand in his and pulled her with him further into the cabin.

«As you may or may not know, seeing as you were never a counselor, we sleep two to a room,» he said, voice still so happy but there was an edge to it, that same edge that had always whispered about how hot he found her.

«The second I found out you were coming I claimed you as my roommate,» he continued, turning to her with a wicked smirk. He stopped in front of a door marked with the number 7 and opened it to a cozy bedroom with two single beds pressed together in one corner and two desks and chairs on the other side.

«Welcome to camp, roomie,» he whispered from where he stood behind her, hands on her hips.

/Hm, interesting summer indeed/, she thought as she turned around in his arms and kissed him, dragging him further into the room and slamming the door behind them.