10. March 2023 01:53

dear goblog diary

OMG late again sorry!!!

today i woke up at 12:30 and laid in bed for a long time contemplating whether i should get up and start my day or not. at last i decided to get up and go to the living room. i checked gsm for a new shop update but was sorely mistaken and disappointed when i did not see one!! if we don't get the new collection tomorrow im deleting my model

anyways i practiced coding and was on gsm and listened to a podcast while i waited for my bf to get home. he was ofc working overtime again (wtf) so i had to make some toast with pesto eggs while waiting.

eventually he came home and we discussed what to have for dinner, i said i wanted thai food so we decided to get thai takeaway. i got the pha naeng which was super yummy. i might have to make it myself one day xxxx

then we went to the store and got snacks, watched some exit and then he went gaming with his buddies so i just went on gsm again <3 i've been having a boring week but i'm kinda sick so no wonder. can't wait to get back to the gym

then we went to bed and watched some more exit and cuddled <3<3<3<3 and afterwards we kissed eachother goodnight and said i love u as usual and now i'm just fighting to stay awake for no reason

xoxoxo weeknd

9. March 2023 00:30

dear goblog diary

im a little late today because i forgot anyways, today i woke up at 13:00 and went into the shower. i had an everything shower so i was squeaky clean and hairless afterwards yay!!!

then i went into the living room and played some gsm and listened to a podcast, and then my bf came home from working overtime (AGAIN wtf!!! on womens day?!?!?) and we argued about him not liking chickpeas, so we had chickpeas with coconut+turmeric sauce and some other yummy ingredients for dinner and now he likes chickpeas.

then we watched supernatural and relaxed, and then he went to play gta with his buddies and i played gsm and practiced coding again. this is very nice because we're still in eachothers company but doing different things we wanna do.

then i nagged about going to the store so we went to the store <3 i bought snus, chocolate easter eggs and chips yum !!!

then we went to bed and watched sons of the forest gameplay again and cuddled, and afterwards we kissed eachother goodnight and said i love u like always

xoxoxoxo weeknd

8. March 2023 03:07

dear goblog diary

today i woke up at 12pm (earlier than normal) because i had a meeting to go to and i was tired and angry at the world for having to wake up

anyways the meeting went great and now i have secured an apprenticeship yay!! hard working queen !! then i went home and waited for my bf who had to work overtime (honestly wtf), and when he got home we ordered pizza and watched the latest TLOU episode, super sad and infuriating

then i played gsm and practiced coding while he played fortnite with his friends (one of them r super lame but i won't tell him that ofc), and then his mom called and asked if we wanted burgers from the gas station and i said yes so we ate burger too

then we went to bed and watched some sons of the forest gameplay, i love when we do that every night xoxoxxoxoxoxo so cute of us

and then we kissed eachother goodnight and said love you sweet dreams like we always do

now he's sleeping and i'm thinking of maybe making some o'boy or getting pepsi max what do you think i should drink???

xoxo weeknd

3. February 2023 00:49

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