25. June 2023 23:26

BSR model names


14. June 2023 22:42

Going on a mod break is difficult when you are not a mod. I want to go on a mod break though.

19. March 2023 23:21

Gonna shamlessly put my "which fictional character are you?" results here.

1. Charlie Kelmeckis (The Pers of Being a Wallflower): 88%
2. Waylon Smithers (The Simpsons) 87%
3. Will Byers (Stranger Things): 87%
4. Jared Dunn (Silicon Valley): 86%
5. Nick Carraway (The Great Gatsby): 86%
6. Amy Antsler (Booksmart): 86%
7. Evan (Superbad): 84%
8. Jonathan Byers (Stranger Things): 84%
9. George Michael Bluth (Arrested Development): 83%
10. Tom Hansen (500 Days of Summer): 83%

I only know Charlie, Will, Amy, Jonathan and Tom, though.


12. March 2023 14:56

MAGAZINE dimensions

358x506 cover
719x506 magazine spreads

7. March 2023 08:14


7 March 2023
While I was waking up today, I had a dream that they released Backstage Rush. I almost kept sleeping because I wanted to play.
Besides my dream, there is a sign that we are getting Backstage Rush today because we got no pinballs. Last time we had no pinballs, we got Wardrobe Challenge.

Playing with the thought of skipping uni the day they release it. Skipping today would be kind rude because I have a date with my study buddy who has quite a long commute.

Also for some reason the fashion in Backstage Rush was 60s inspired? At least that was what the team stated, but I was not convinced.

10 March 2023
(This interval is embarrassing. Gee, it's only been 3 days!)
Anyways, I had a dream that I got on time-out without being sent a message or anything. So I would try to message people, but it didn't work at all. It kept saying that an error had occurred, but it was because I was on time-out. It took me a while before I checked my profile and found out that I was on time-out. Still not sure why I was.

15 March 2023
I had a dream that Dècor was back. I joined a room. There were many people and we were all dressed ugly and bald like during the naked protest. Wonderstruck was in there too. I was in the left side of the room and she was in the right side of the room. I don't remember if this caused me to take some time to notice her since you by default land on the left side. Anyway, we made a slow-motion walk towards each other. She did a really smooth move at one point during this. Then we put our hands over each other, but not like holding hands, more close to baseball, where you try to grab the bat (queue HSM2 and the whole I Don't Dance sequence).
Then I went into the bathroom. Here, I met one of the gSm developers and asked why they had already released Dècor. He said that it was just a copy and that they hadn't worked on it (???).
Then I went to create my own Dècor room. The menu had many options and I just wanted to get started. It looked like any other game menu with options to create a new room or load a room. Then you could create a room from scratch or by using a template. It also explained how the walls work. I ended up mixing some templates together. It was really stressful because Wonderstruck could show up any minute and I just wanted to make something nice. I was also wondering whether I could afford the costly items. I was also stressing because I hadn't changed my outfit into something nice.

19-ish April 2023
I had a dream that the staff of goSupermodel was working to solve an issue in Backstage Rush. This is the current issue that some tops (dresses) cover bottoms (shorts or skirts) all the way. To solve this issue, the staff announced that they would only have tops and bottoms in the game that expose the midriff.
Very Sims 2-ish.

25 April 2023
I had a dream that Backstage Rush multiplayer was back. I think I entered that game-mode by accident. I was playing with one other person. I was doing the clothes and she did the rest of the tasks (hair & makeup). But the clothes games had changed a bit. Instead of having tops and bottoms, there were only dresses and there were LOTS of them. I had such a hard time scrolling through them and I used so much time. When I was done, the person I played with sent the models to the runway, meaning she did hers much faster than me, who supposedly had the easiest task.

5 July 2023
I had a dream that they released a new collection. One of the outfits was called the "Helena" outfit. It was inspired by the dancer in the My Chemical Romance music video for the song "Helena". Everyone wanted the Helena outfit.

7-8 July 2023
I had a dream that gSm had made some changes. On the front page, there was a giant circle where the gSm logo usually is. On it, there was a number which indicated either friends online, notifications or new goMessages. I don't remember which.
They had also implemented new levels. I even saw some models being level 80. The levels had pastel colours, eg. purple and green.