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8. February 2023 20:31

bro this has been the weirdest mf month...

- everything i put in my february 2nd goBlog post

- the dog bite got even more gross + bruised looking (but is finally fading now)

- ^ was literally so scared i was infected by the bite just bc of aheadache & i never get those BUT i am almost sure it was just bc i didn't have enough water yesterday xo

- have been getting into trixie & katya content very heavily recently help

- thank goodness for VTO but fuck bills & financial responsibilities ugh

- we need a vacation....we also need $10k

2. February 2023 07:16

sometimes i am a hurricane but tonight
i am a nap in the forest next to a waterfall

2. February 2023 02:34

this just in

- got over my annual case of strep / tonsillitis

- got bit by a dog for the first time in my whole life & got a tetanus shot

- tried something new with my nails & i actually love it

- realizing how much i need to save up for a ticket to the netherlands so i can maybe kiss my wife just once

27. January 2023 23:10

dear goblog

the best part about today was my 2hr videochat w/ my sweet bbg v~

second best is...... having pizza & sangria for dinner mhm mhm xoxo

26. January 2023 17:12

shoutout to any & every person

who still uses classical music for wardrobe challenge-

specifically the youtube videos

such as this one: