27. January 2023 21:01

its friday

11. January 2023 01:01

im actually just so tired of my life and I dont have the energy for anything anymore, wtf should I do??? I can't even talk about my feelings, I hate that im not able to

i dont want this to be my life

31. December 2022 15:29

shoutout to @Ekubo for drawing my model


31. December 2022 14:59

shoutout to @triptych for drawing my model


27. December 2022 02:21

Wardrobe challenge tips:

work from left to right, and bottom to top
focus on 1 colour at a time, but dont click everything mindlessy away once you have it all in pairs. See if there are other pairs that you need to remove (bc they might become unreachable otherwise)
i saw 1 tip that said to check at the start, which colour has the most pairs and remove that one first. I find this to difficicult, and my brain cannot focus on removing anything other than pink first, but maybe it can help some of you

just keep trying, if you do it mindlessly you wont succeeed, but if you focus a little bit you will get better