1. March 2023 21:39

Ayo dead diary. New day new me. Today I forgot my mom would visit so I was grinding wc when suddenly she stood there. But we went to lunch and it actually was very fun so ayo win win for me. I also ate fries and I like fries a lot. I eat it with hellmans mayonaise and it is the best.

When I got home I started trying to finish my roast magazine but three models that were supposed to be in it got deleted/ deleted themselves so yeh that was stupid. I think I will finish it tommorrow. Hope it won't flop because I worked way too hard on that stupid thing. But yeha

Thought of today:

life would be so much easier if I hade those hamster cheeks. Sometimes I just need a little something to get me going. If I had hamster cheeks I could just fill them with snacks and never hate myself for forgetting to bring something

28. February 2023 21:34

Imma legit use this as a diary. So today I went to the gym and hit a PR. I also went to the grocerystore while the school across from it had a break. So I was in line with about 828282 teens. That was not fun cause I just needed my can of tuna. THEN I got home and filmed the bf for his yt which has been doing great. And and and I finished game of thrones for the second time. Right now watching Juventus which is wilde and the bf broke the remote.

I've been thinking about how I can like foods for 3 months and then absolutly hate it. Like bread with aoioli or however one writes that. I used to eat BUCKETS of it and now I can not stand it. And I used to hate hate hate peanut buttee and now I can not sleep without a spoon full.