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Pick some stuff from my wardrobe before I delete this model, once I have the time I’ll gift them 2

17. March 2023 18:29

I’ll remember u all in therapy

18. February 2023 05:06

just got home from a dinner invitation over at our neighbor’s house and the current missionaries were there (they’re boys)
and one of em looked me a bit too long in the eyes when we said goodbye and now ive got “son of a preacher man” stuck in my head
he’s 3 years younger than me tho so a no from me dawg

17. February 2023 03:37

God damnit I’m too late, I wanted to buy some more stuff from the last collection
And now they seriously out the Twilight and Hunger Games collection in there at the same time, I feel disrespected

13. February 2023 19:19

I don’t understand how people talk about more kindness in the world when in reality they’re just more kind to people conforming to society but they’re even worse to people who don’t
I’m so frustrated with our planet right now, we’re not becoming more compassionate, we’re just widening the space between two sides of society

11. February 2023 00:15

Just love to see myself spit out some confident answers in discussions like ma’am who are you and what has your therapist done to you, i LOVE it