23. February 2023 11:43

Link to my trust forum since I'm too lazy to edit my profile now: https://gosupermodel.com/community/forum_thread.jsp?id=351457

12. February 2023 10:24

I'm so tired of the fact that there is always something new, health-wise, for my anxiety to latch onto. I'm dealing with it worse and worse for every time something happens. I actually managed to deal with the initial health problems in a good way, but now it just feels like I have to be terrified of something new every week.

If it comes to that, I have no idea how to get out of my house to go to the doctor (especially not the ER, since it's Sunday). I have no idea what to do, and as this is happening every other week at this point - I'm starting to wonder if my body is just breaking down.

I don't want to have to deal with this.

5. February 2023 12:49

Removed as to not create any misunderstandings

3. February 2023 06:33

Updated therapy goals for these past two weeks:

[x] Try to shower 2-3 times each week
- I technically did this (if I shower today as well), but I can't say that the routine around it was especially good - so I'll have to work more on this!

[x] Brush my hair enough so it doesn't turn into a massive tangled mess
- I've brushed my hair almost every day since writing this!

[x] Brush through said massive tangled mess (which will probably take me about three days lmao)
- Did not take three days. Took around half a week and a hairdresser literally ripping through my hair. I now have a bob hahahah

[] Try to brush my teeth a bit more often (I brush them every day don't worry)
- I was a bit better at this at the start, but didn't accomplish this goal I'd say.

[] Try to wash my face + moisturize more often
- I don't think I did this at all, but my skin is so dry now so that's definitely a priority!

[x]Clean my room
- I didn't finish cleaning my room, but I got a lot done, so I'd say that I have accomplished this goal, but that I also should continue working on it.

[x] Walk around in the snow for a bit and sit in a car for a bit (at least once)
- Walked around in the snow twice, and technically also sat in a car twice since I went to the hairdresser.

One of the first goals that I mentioned I'd like to get done was going to a hairdresser, but I thought it was unrealistic to get that done in these past two weeks - but I did it!!! I'm very happy with how far I've come with these goals so far!

26. January 2023 08:01

Another to do list:

[x] Shower
[x] Brush teeth & skincare
[x] Do the admin work that I still haven't done
[x] Clean a bit
[] Maybe buy some new makeup/ clothes

[] Research/ try to download an art application
[] Make a schedule for my routines
[] Figure out a good way to keep track of my tasks other than my goBlog lmao