27. December 2022 15:10





╰(•́ ꞈ •̀)╯



(ˆ ³ ˆ)

27. December 2022 02:09

Dearest goBlog,

My dream has come true!
I am bff with gSm's Elon Musk: test123

What an honor!

16. December 2022 15:12

I made my first lookbook! Page 9 = contest to win 10.000 gM!


14. December 2022 20:24

Thanks to Waloes for the orange Summer Dress




13. December 2022 22:15

Day 1
Last screenshot: 40.000 new models
Great items in the perks, even if a few aren't my style.
Bugs, but generally good vibes! SO fun to be on gSm again!!

Day 2
Site has been down most of the day because SWM works on getting https, which makes the site crash.
Sadly not very much patience, which is understandable because people want to be on gSm, but it's important to remember that one can be unpatient without behaving bad. Bad behaviour will not help.
I hope for less crashes and lags tomorrow, so I can continue getting to know the models on here!