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7. May 2023 22:26

Some people know that i writing story's and wanna know what for story i write. Because i don't wanna typ this whole story over and over again i will post it here.

Of you have questions or wanna know something or just saying what you thing of it you can always mail me!:

My first story that i gonna try to publish now:

It is about a girl(Roos) that she is in love with her best friend (Romano). But she knows that he don't see her in that way, so she is trying to forget him in that way. She dont want to have those feelings for him if she can't have him like that. Her biggest dream is becoming a model, one day she does audition for it. Of course she is telling this to her friend and Romano, but Romano is not a big fan if this idea. He let her promise that she can't lose weight. She promise him that she wouldn't do this. But she finds it weird at the same time, because Romano is only interested in skinny girls in her eyes, and she is not one of those and that hurts her feelings. Once day in a photoshoot that she got because of the audition race where she is in. She meets a man a photographer, younger then the first one she has. This one i a lot less harsh for her and she likes it. He is also very handsome in her eyes. Not so handsome as Romano but, she cant have him so. When Romano meets the photographer and find out about that Roos is having a date with him he does not approve of this. That makes Roos mad because why cant she have happiness and he can? Also she finds out that Romano was lying about something to her, so when she found out she ren in to a dark ally that is know by bad things that will happend to you. Romano try's to find her and wanna save her from what happend to her. But it was already to late, not only that, the photographer was on the right time there as well. Something can't be right here thinks Romano. When he found out that the photographer (Zayne) is not trustworthy he trying to tell Roos. But she don't wanna believe him, Zayne is the only guy that see her for who see is and that she don't need to lose weight for him. Because she feels like see need to do this for Romano to seen by him. But when see found out that Romano was right al long it is to late and she is to deep in it. Romano goes undercover by the police and try to do what ever he can to get Roos out of there, even if that's means he will get his own life in danger. So he is going undercover as a loverboy, and not only that he needs to try to keep his own secret also from Roos.

Story 2:

Ellerosa is a young woman currently in a relationship with Michiel for 4 years. One day she finds out that Michiel was cheating, and maybe this was not the first time. Because of what Michiel made her understand some things in their relationship, she is very afraid of boys. Because according to Michiel, men only see her as a lust object and nothing more than that. She was also beaten when she didn't listen to her boyfriend. Because a man's will was law according to Michiel, she had no say in this. Doing things she finally didn't want to do was part of that, unfortunately. But when she meets the famous Noah Darrel, of whom her best friend Nova is such a fan. She soon finds out that what Michael said is not true. She was indeed in charge of her own body and if she didn't want something she didn't have to do it. Not ever. So he promised her that he wouldn't do anything she didn't want. Still a little afraid, but more reassured, a friendship grew between the two. She has to admit that even though she doesn't want to be more than friends with him, she is developing feelings for him. What should she do with this now? When she thinks Nova and Noah are busy doing other things in Noah's locker room. Breaks her, even though she didn't want more, she still wanted more with him. But I guess that wouldn't be possible. Also, Noah doesn't know all of her past yet and she wants to keep it that way for a while. When there was a knock on the door outside, she was asked if she wanted to make it up by someone working there. When she did, she saw nothing but suddenly she is grabbed and everything goes black before her eyes.

Noah is a celebrity, he has money and is famous. Seems to live the perfect life right? Nothing could be further from the truth, even though he does not complain about his life, and could have had it many times worse. Still, he would have liked to have more say in his schedule. Everything is determined for him, when he has to be where and at what time. What he can and cannot do. After all, he is not allowed to start a relationship with anyone. This would not be good for his image, maybe he would lose fans. Which means less income could come in. This is not what the manager wanted. Not that he can keep a relationship, he has tried but every time he finds out that someone was after them money and status and not who he really was. Just Noah nothing more or less. He has only one close friend, whom he trusts 100%, they were friends before he became famous. He also has to honestly confess that he has never really been in love, that's why he just has a fling every time. Their think they are using him, but finally he uses them for his own pleasure. When during one of his premiers he wants to call a boy girl forward, he couldn't believe his ears when the girl said she didn't want to come forward at all. Naturally, eisa arises from the other fans. When the girl said she wanted her best friend to come to the front because she valued it much more than she would. Was he fascinated, never before had he met someone who didn't want to be around him. And certainly not someone who preferred a friend to herself. So he decided to fulfill her request/demand she had for her friend. Nova joined him on stage. He also noticed when he looked at the strange girl who did not want to be near him that he had a strange feeling in his stomach. Could this be infatuation people were talking about? Could he have really fallen in love for the first time? He tries to find out her name, by asking her friend. But this unfortunately does not go so easily all her friend could bring out was "El. He decides to leave because it didn't work anyway. But then he meets the strange girl in an alley. They get talking, and eventually after an awkward beginning conversation do exchange numbers. But with a demand from out of her. Just as friends no more than that. Noah thinks it's bound to become more, but for now he'd settle for friends. But when he hears about her ex-boyfriend, he quickly knows that something isn't right, and that she might not even tell him everything. But he decides not to push, considering her experience with a boy was already so bad. Does he want to prove that there are also good boys in the world and he is one of them here. So it had to be her choice if she ever wanted more from him and with him. When Ellarosa is kidnapped comes and he goes all out to look for her, but suddenly gets an app from Ella that she needs money. Does his world collapse, is she too after his money? When Nova has finally managed to convince him that she is not. And they find out that she has been kidnapped and needs hup. He feels guilty. When Nova asks him if he wants to get something from Ella and she's apartment, of course he wants to. But then he sees something. A diary. Not just any diary, her diary. Ellarosa's diary. He would never just violate anyone's privacy, but when he read the words Michiel couldn't help but read on. What could she have been through that she doesn't want to tell him?

He also finds out that his best friend Dean who was also first from long life fun, finally has feelings for a girl he is awed by him. But when he finds out, that this girl is Ellarosa, he is a lot less happy. How did he not see this before? And what should he do now? He may have seen Ella first, but he doesn't want to hurt his best friend. Will Noah put aside his own feelings for Ellarosa so his best friend can be happy? Indeed, does Ella even feel anything for Dean or does she really only have feelings for him?

3 book story:
Lily (nickname:Liv) is a girl who is now sixteen years old, she has been friends with two brothers since she was little, one of whom she has a crush on. After not seeing each other for quite a while, about half a year she has obviously changed a lot. However, she did talk to them via app from time to time. When she agrees to visit again and goes by that weekend, she sees the brother she has had a crush on for a long time standing half naked on the steps. Her heart racing, she stares at Drake and can hardly take her eyes off him. Not knowing that Reed Drake's brother and also Liv good friend is staring at her. Unfortunately, she soon finds out that Drake does not want her that way, he is very distant towards her, while his brother Reed is finally open and honest with her. What should she do? Will she choose Reed? Or does her heart still prefer Drake?

Drake and Reed are brothers and are one year apart from each other in age. Drake has been trying all his life to make his father proud by doing anything he wants. He studies hard and tries to avoid distractions at all costs. That means not letting his feelings for Liv show, after all, his father's when he caught his father with another woman, that women can very easily gain power over men once they throw their bodies into the fray. And that would then mean losing control. This is not what Drake wanted, so he tries to do everything he can to keep Liv from finding out about his feelings for her. But when he begins to notice that he is losing her to his brother Reed, Drake is at a loss. Should he give her up to his brother now so he can make his father proud or go for his feelings anyway? Would both options be possible after all? And is all the hassle actually worth it to make his father proud?

Reed is more of long life fun, he likes to party and make sure he gets at least a small seven in school, that's all he needs to do. He goes from the end woman to the other. A steady relationship is nothing for him, he doesn't know feelings of love. But when he sees Liv again after not seeing her for six months, his heart begins to beat faster. He never expected that if he ever fell in love it would be with his best friend. While somewhere deep down he knows Liv has feelings for his brother Drake and not him. Could he change this? Would he succeed in making Liv fall in love with him?

30. December 2022 19:42


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Did you sent me a friends request? And I didn't accept you jet? That can means 2 things:
1: You just sent a random friend request with any info. So i don't know you and stuf..
2: I want to know people FIRST before I accept people. So first chat with me sometime before you sending friend request.

I really don't care about level or stuff, but i do care about talking! I want to know how someone is, can i laugh with that person and make jokes? Can i be funny and not serieus al the time on the forums with that person? Is the person really honest with me? And not after me because i have money and give sometimes things away. And all that stuff, I'm bad at remember names and stuff. So you can tell me but pls don't be sad or angry of disappointed or discouraged the getting the know me, if i don't remember it anymore. Because i'm just a like a goldfish HAHAH i don't even know what i just had for dinner yesterday and that was YESTERDAY!!