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NO EMPTY friends request pls! And before you send it, pls mail me first. So we can talk first.

30. December 2022 19:42


I made a Gotest about gsm test if you are addict to gsm or not!


Did you sent me a friends request? And I didn't accept you jet? That can means 2 things:
1: You just sent a random friend request with any info. So i don't know you and stuf..
2: I want to know people FIRST before I accept people. So first chat with me sometime before you sending friend request.

I really don't care about level or stuff, but i do care about talking! I want to know how someone is, can i laugh with that person and make jokes? Can i be funny and not serieus al the time on the forums with that person? Is the person really honest with me? And not after me because i have money and give sometimes things away. And all that stuff, I'm bad at remember names and stuff. So you can tell me but pls don't be sad or angry of disappointed or discouraged the getting the know me, if i don't remember it anymore. Because i'm just a like a goldfish HAHAH i don't even know what i just had for dinner yesterday and that was YESTERDAY!!